Introducing our new, earth-friendly packaging

Introducing our new, earth-friendly packaging

Introducing our new, earth-friendly packaging


Being the best online store for high-quality memorials takes forward-thinking and paying attention to detail.

We want your purchase to arrive intact, and in the box that you will enjoy receiving and opening.

That is why here, at Diamond Engraved™, we take packaging our stones for shipping very seriously.

Granite is a hard, but also a fragile material. It will stay outdoors, unchanged, for centuries, but can break if not handled correctly.

We came to expect all kinds of abuse done to our boxes by the postal service, both in the US and Canada. If it can be broken, they will break it!

We used to package our memorials in Styrofoam, to protect from being broken in shipping. Styrofoam, however, is bad for our environment. It is produced using non-renewable raw materials, is not biodegradable, and ends up in landfills.

We worked with our packaging partners on designing a fully recyclable, earth-friendly packaging. And, here it is: we give you our aesthetically pleasing, completely recyclable custom-designed box.

We extensively tested this packaging for all kinds of drops and believe that it will protect the stones in shipping better than Styrofoam while providing you with great customer experience. We are starting to use this new packaging for our 10x16 memorials and will gradually switch to this new design for all other stone sizes.

Diamond Engraved Memorials done with heart and style.